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A rental car is not needed for a holiday to Porto, since the city has excellent public transport and the most popular day trips can be reached by train. Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port 75cl 75cl. Newly installed in Porto from Spain, Agnes Boudahana has just stated her own agency. “We chose Portugal for our production because we feel European,” says Marie Soudre Richard of Little Fashion Gallery – “especially when we launched we were looking for reactivity and people we can liaise with smoothly. Airport to Porto city Olá, o meu nome é Sigma, o assistente virtual do portal ePortugal. The factories are concentrated in the North of the country, around Porto. Close to Porto are the small beaches of the Foz district, while the largest sandy beach is the Praia de Matosinhos. Further, away than this, you will feel that you are endlessly walking or far from the action. A seamstress trained in Paris, Agnes knows a lot about sewing and following productions. They experimented with working directly with some local seamstresses in Lisbon to avoid intermediaries and manage the design and production on their own. My first production experience in Portugal was with my previous company and that started in 1999. On Offer. The same holds true for Miller: “We work with a great agent but also directly with the factories and we also have an amazing man who we buy fabric from who has helped us so much with sourcing the right manufactures for us”. Offer price £10, was £15. Dow's Renown Port 75cl 75cl. The Port Lodges provide informative tours of the traditional processes and a chance to sample some of the finest vintage Ports. We hardly ever need to make adjustments in the samples, for example. info@scoop.pt, +351 252 308 350. To find a suitable atelier for her small production of beautiful fabric necklaces and jewelry pieces, Mathilde de Turckheim didn’t hesitate to fly from Paris. Serra da Estrela by car The evening could be spent in the lively restaurants of the Ribeira district, or for a more party-focused night, head to the bars and clubs close to the university and the Rua Galeria de Paris (affectionally, known as bar street!). If you’re looking for pristine beaches and a more natural setting, head south to the coastline between Espinho and Francelos, which is served by the Porto-Aveiro railway. When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information through your browser, usually in the form of cookies. Porto to Coimbra He has an older brother and an older sister; his passion in life is football. Occasionally you get a bad season with one factory, but then we tend to try and source a new one to replace them as quickly as possible. Today, Portugal sees many of them returning. They both succeeded in finding what they were looking for. Her style can be described as romantic with a rebellish rough touch. “As a manufacturer and as Portuguese citizens, we would like to see brands coming to produce here because of the quality of our products and services rather than because we represent cheap European labor. Mefri – Sonia Rocha +351936010990 // sonia.mefri@gmail.com, ATP Telefone: (+ 351) 252 30 30 30
Fax: (+ 351) 252 30 30 39
E- mail: atp@atp.pt
www.atp.pt. Tomar, Cascais After five years of Portuguese production, Nickey Thrussell founder of the brand has learned how to handle things. Offer. This guide will provide an introduction to Porto, by answering some of the common holiday planning questions and offering links to further detailed tourist information. The Douro River - The scenic backdrop to Porto, which is crossed by magnificent bridges and best explored by a boat tour. Day trip to Braga, Where to go in Portugal? She has MA in fashion design from Aalto University of Art and Design with a specialization in knitwear. “Porto is beautiful, sadly when we go its all been a bit to much work and not enough fun!” regrets Nickey Thrussell (Miller). I think our supplier understands our taste for colours and graphic design very well, and also understands the Kids Case image we want to create. In the winter there is a very high possibility of rain, but as Porto is a major city, all restaurants, bars and hotels remain open. All Rights Reserved. From small independents to luxury brands, most of the fashion labels produce their clothes and shoes around the city of Porto: Paul Smith, Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Maison Kitsune, Tommy Hilfigher, all use production facilities in the area, to name only a very few. Linha 1 tram route In Portugal, the Textile and clothing association ATP sends representatives to all major fairs around the world to promote their industry. “We were positively surprised by their responsiveness, their openness and willingness to get the orders and be pro-active on the design. It is in the same time zone as the UK, 1h behind France. Hotels are generally cheaper than most other European cities, while tourist attractions and activities are reasonably priced. It is expensive and to achieve good margins can be difficult,” continues Deborah Medhurst. To be honest, this has been a much harder part of the process than working with the factory on the details of the shoes, cost of production, and sample-making, all of which were quite simple through email. Another interesting approach is to visit and explore. Serena, our shoe designer and maker, had heard that Portugal was a great place to produce shoes because it was a great blend of artisan quality, great technology, and yet would probably be less expensive than Italy. Porto or Madrid Porto is a historic and varied city, from the warren of narrow streets that make up the ancient Ribeira district through to the grand plaza of the Trindade district. In our opinion the quality of the products and manufacture in Portugal is our greatest advantage. Produced exclusively in the Douro Valley of Northern Portugal, Port wine with its unique characteristics has become a favorite the world over. Povoa de Varzim Intro “Obviously it has taken lots and lots of work to get everything in place and to the quality we want it to be, but we work with great manufacturers who are very tolerant of our quantities and requirements. When our friends or family visit Porto, we suggest the following 1-week itinerary: For Finger in the nose we started production in Portugal in 2008 – The brand started in 2004 – we had some (let’s say less great) experiences with India and Turkey before going to Portugal.”. The tourist season of Porto begins in May and continues until the end of October, and the weather in the spring/autumn is ideal for sightseeing and day trips. Perform the purchase of Merchandise from the Port of Setúbal. Porto to Guimarães, Braga Introduction Production in Portugal : Top Images Are Made there Too. Add to trolley. When it comes to children, Fiona often…, Aino Korhonen is a Finnish designer (and mom of two young boys) who lives in Helsinki. The best driving route to explore the Douro in one day, Churches, cathedrals and chapels in the historic religious centre of Portugal, The birthplace of Portugal, steeped in legends and medieval architecture, Canals, colourful Moliceiro boats and elegant Art-Nouveau buildings, How to travel from Porto airport to the city centre, Lively beach resort, offering the best beaches close to Porto, Ancient crossing point of the Lima River with its handsome Roman bridge, A proud shipbuilding city, set on a dramatic windswept coastline, Ride the scenic railway as it snakes up the beautiful Douro valley, The charming trams of Porto cross the city, A complete list of all of our Porto and north Portugal guides, Porto Home Page “Once the consumer notices the great quality of these products together with our funky designs of course, they want to have them over and over again. Porto in 3 Days Portugal has a great manufacturing tradition: textile, shoes, furniture, ceramics. High quality Fc Porto gifts and merchandise. Nieva, designed in Finland, made in Portugal and Bolivia, Carlota Barnabe, Born And Bread In Portugal. “I would award 9-10 for quality but 5 for price. Tourists with only English language skills will not experience any language barriers. The airport is a major international airport and there are direct flights covering the whole of Europe, and this includes services operated by many of the low-cost airlines (EasyJet, Ryanair, Vueling and Wizz Air). There is always a good backpacking community and attracts a wide range of nationalities. Launched two years ago, Pois Selection offers a handpicked selection of the best Portuguese products – only things that the owners, two stylish French women based in Lisbon, love and buy themselves. Related articles: Where to stay in Porto? Here is a little overview of what you can expect from Portugal, where and how to find manufacturers. This wine is more about the production methods used and the fortification with spirit than the nuances that the fruit has to offer. No Added Sugar works directly with producers, although they worked with agents too in the past. But Portugal is also greatly featured in Milk this month : four Portuguese getaways displayed in the magazine and a Lisbon, Have a look at this beach house spotted in Portugal by Interior and Architecture Photographer Gaelle Le Boulicault. Insight: The Portuguese joke by saying “Porto works, Coimbra sings, Braga prays and Lisbon shows off”, and this description of Porto and Lisbon is very true….. Since we respect your right to privacy, you can choose not to permit data collection from certain types of services. Home - Top 10 - Where to stay? There is a lot to see and do in Porto, and this diverse city will appeal to a wide range of visitors. Day 4 – Day trip to Aveiro Day 5 – Beach day (to Vila do Conde) or a day visiting Porto’s museums Our prices have to be competitive, but there is much more beyond this in Portugal. £10 £15 £10.00 per 75cl. American photographer and television/film director Neal Slavin lived in Portugal and photographed the Portuguese people from late 1967 to 1968, when Salazar’s health took an unexpected turn for the…, Dutch photographer Fiona Ruhe always loved fashion and photography, since a young age. People should also take into consideration that the competitive Asian prices come from very low salaries, unfortunately. Related articles: Our Lisbon Guide – Porto to Lisbon suggested itineraries. Porto is situated in a region of rich history, stunning scenery and glorious beaches. Praia da Rocha 1) Braga, 2) Douro Valley (up to Pinhão) 3) Guimarães, 4) Ponte de Lima and Ponte da Barca, 5) Viana do Castelo and Barcelos 6) Aveiro and Costa Nova 7) Upper Minho (Monção, Valença and Cerveira). You do not have the roles required to access this portlet. Filter View: On Offer. Quality:   Portuguese people are very qualified. When Violaine Belle-Croix launched her shoe label Clotaire two years ago, she opted for Portugal and she reognizes it was a good choice. “Perfect price/quality mark” comments Merel of Dutch brand Kidscase, very enthusiastically. Sign up/Register for a 5% discount coupon. Porto Language We are easy people to work with, straightforward and importantly, trustworthy and honest. As a visitor, you will not be disappointed with either one. She visited the fabric stores in the center of Porto, asked questions around and found her way to a small unit that is now working on her next collection. So, apart from a complaint concerning the respect of delivery deadlines, Portugal seems to be a good place for production. A desert or secret beach, David lives in the beautiful city of Porto. The nightlife of the city is lively and liberal, and the city always has a bustling atmosphere. Porto's trams Lasticot found their factory partners at the trades show Zoom by Fatex. 1) Braga, 2) Guimarães, 3) Douro Valley (up to Régua), 4) Aveiro 5) Viana do Castelo, 6) Coimbra, A rental car allows more of the region to be explored, and multiple locations could be combined in a single day. The Portugal Online Shop - Traditional Portuguese products. Our suggested day trips with a rental car are: Euro. Others work directly with the factories, and some also have a mix of the two, like Little Fashion Gallery and Finger in the Nose, who had this to say: “For the most part (about 95% of the volume), we work with an agent – for the rest (heavy knits), we work directly with a factory”. Subscribe to Pirouette's monthly Newsletter. Yearly visits to Porto would be reason enough to produce there!” says Emily McMaster (Mabo Kids). Initially, the collection was conceived as a whole new concept:…, © 2019 Pirouette. Day Trip to Guimarães The majority of tourists would want to be within walking distance (around 500m) of the Ribeira district and the Baixa district, an area that includes the Se district. And from a logistics and client service perspective, our supplier always delivers samples and production on time, and always in complete quantities”. Her…, Based in Lisbon, carlota barnabe creates a simple, fresh and colourful collection  of very soft cotton muslin. Sintra Olá, o meu nome é Sigma, o assistente virtual do portal ePortugal. Production of goods, and also production of images? “Thanks to our good relations especially with our main supplier, we can react very quickly if something needs to be changed/ adjusted during the production process, or if production mistakes happen, we can also quickly send back the merchandise and have it adjusted/ changed in a matter of 1-2 weeks. © 2020 Porto-North-Portugal.com - Privacy Policy. Linha do Douro train ride Porto is a popular backpacking and budget holiday destination, as there are many excellent hostels, inexpensive restaurants and lots of similarly minded worldly travellers. Says Mafalda Mota Pinto, CEO of Scoop, a production agency. For starters, port is a type of fortified wine from the Duoro region of Portugal. Related article: Two days in Porto. Offer. It’s got some of the fragility of wine as well as some of the strength of liquor. For Swiss brand Lasticot, the quality is exceptional. Lagos A rental car is useful if you plan to explore the Douro valley or the northeast of Portugal, where there is almost no public transport. “We like to deal direct where possible for more efficient processes and to build relationships”. Sesimbra Because there are no customs and taxes involved to ship to Europe the turnaround time can be very good also”. Today I am a contributor, looking with delight how the blog is developing with Katie as the new boss! Surrounding Porto are numerous enjoyable day trips, and these excursions can transform Porto into a wonderful destination for a week-long holiday. Portugal; Port; Back Port (11) 11 products. Portimao French brand Chupeta has been working directly with Portuguese factories since 2002. The second day would visit Vila Nova de Gaia (on the southern banks of the Douro river) and the Foz district, and could include a tour of the Port cellars and Port tasting. At a minimum, it takes two full days of sightseeing to discover Porto. Proximity and Accessibility:   Portugal is approximately 2 hours’ flight from Paris or London. We shall contact you as soon as possible. “We love the accessibility, that they keep to the same office hours as us, the ease of delivery of European fabrics, workable minimums and a good standard generally”, says No Added Sugar, who started their production in Portugal in 2002. Senhor da Pedra beach It also offers another pleasant fringe benefit: combining work with pleasure. Para o ajudar a encontrar as informações e os serviços que procura, por favor utilize um destes browsers: Se acabou de fazer um pedido de contacto, terá de esperar cerca de dois minutos até que seja possível enviar novo pedido. This website uses cookies. Dandy Star produces their jersey in Portugal, though an agent. Carvoeiro In echoing some of Monocle’s findings,  Marie Soudre Richard of Little Fashion Gallery sums it up well: “We would love to work more with Portugal and encourage business in Europe”. The Portuguese are very accommodating and supportive of families, and children will be welcomed in all hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. Lisbon The strength of Portuguese factories relies in great fits – they understand and follow our technical drawings”. Top 10 beaches, Berlengas Islands The first day would explore the historic centre (Se district), the Baixa district and Ribeira district, and could include a short boat cruise along the Douro River. 1 Week Porto There is a range of activities that will entertain children, including tram rides, boat rides and the cable car. Estoril Porto or Florence Day 3 – Day trip to Guimarães A large number of the brands I spoke to work with an agent. On her side, Emily McMaster of Mabo Kids flew all the way from Utah last fall to look for a shoe factory. Port is fortified. Day 1 – Porto (the historic centre) His Mom Mafalda owns and manages a sourcing apparel business in…, Spanish brand yporqué features a  whole range of fun products designed in Barcelona and manufactured in Portugal. The labour cost is cheap; the only issue remains the production capacity not able to cope with big orders”. We found a factory, we had a sample made, got a quote, and are hung up at the moment on making sure that the leather we source there meets and has the paperwork for the US child safety laws, as well as figuring the import costs/ taxes into the quotes. List of ports in Portugal. So for her it was no trouble to source production. (This article includes a map of main tourist areas). Aguda beach Our suggested order for day trips that can be visited using public transport are: So when they receive our design drawings they perfectly translate them into kidscase pieces. The peak season is from June to the end of August, and this season offers hot and dry weather, which is suitable for spending time on the beaches. Specialized trade fairs are also a good source. £10 £16 £7.50 per 75cl. I have to say through our visit we were really impressed with the emphasis clearly put on production and quality in Portugal – the technology was amazing, the people seemed passionate about and happy with their jobs, the products that we saw coming out of the factories were great”.

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