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But I touch with my thoughts and I write with my heart, Don't give a fuck about nothing, don't give a fuck about nothing, I really don't, Don't give a fuck about nothing, don't give a fuck about nothing,, we'll see. Difficulty: novice. How many times have I stolen from laziness to stand in line? What a pity!! We bunk off lessons, laziness marks our daily lives, Being a couple, it hurts when you care about them, Even if I have nothing to prove, I feel a little lonely, I still haven't found the missing piece of the puzzle, In possession of drugs, young people are party-animals, I've only just been born, tomorrow I'll be old, But I'll do everything I can to be this dreamer forever, We'll see what the future will hold for us, We'll see, go on, come on, we're not thinking about it, Tonight, we'll pay a visit to the grocer, open downstairs, And we'll talk about love, crowded on a porch, Raised by a true mother, I have values that they won't see, I feel dizzy when I think of all the things, I'm ready to bust your balls if you've been drinking, Time flies, you're scared of stringing up your defeats and then wasting your life, This world makes me crazy, everyone is at war, The more we bail ourselves out, the less we see clearly, When you don't have money, in this world, you have no rights, There are those who hit face to face and those who strike in threes. But when there is a big track that comes around, Don't be afraid of Arabic-sounding insults thrown at you, Because love, sound and food have become fast food, Young people think more of idiotic celebrities than of Martin Luther King, They never get up before midday besides the morning police raids, While their friends revise, little Ken became a writer, Yes, I think about having fun but for cocaine, I have Krilin's nose*, S-Crew,, we don't give a fuck about anything, Blackbird, L'Entourage, we don't give a fuck about anything, Our bodies operate in reverse, we walk with heads, We smell with looks and we play on your nerves. Proposer les paroles, Proposer une correction des paroles de "On Verra", Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique. Capo: 5th fret. Contributions: 115 translations, 2 transliterations, 1682 thanks received, 91 translation requests fulfilled for 69 members, 81 transcription requests fulfilled, left 27 comments А перевод хорош. En utilisant ces derniers, vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies. 24,151 views, added to favorites 775 times. Les cookies assurent le bon fonctionnement de nos services. En savoir plus. Translation of 'On Verra' by Nekfeu from French to English. Paroles de la chanson On Verra par Nekfeu On sèche les cours, la flemme marque le quotidien Être en couple, ça fait mal que quand t'y tiens Même si j'ai rien à prouver, j'me sens un peu seul J'ai toujours pas trouvé la pièce manquante du puzzle En possession d'drogues, les jeunes sont fêtards Quelle ironie d'mourir en position fœtale Paroles On Verra, Paroles de Ken SAMARASMusique de Benjamin SELETTI© BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT (FRANCE), UN DOUBLE NEUF CINQ, DOWSE MUSIC, PANAMAERA - 2015, dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la, Chanson manquante pour "Nekfeu" ? ....... most of the above are ... P.S. On Verra chords by Nekfeu. We talk to each other behind a computer but, in real life, when do we see each other? Paroles Nekfeu My dad doesn't believe me but it smells like stale tobacco there, You're bored out of your mind at work, you're waiting for the holidays. Я несколько лет проработал ... Haris Alexiou - Όλες του κόσμου οι Κυριακές (Oles tou kosmou oi Kiriakes).

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