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Deimos was the name of one of Mars' moons, and Mars was Ares' Roman name. Deimos is Kratos's younger brother from God of War. However, Josh Keaton was credited as the voice of Deimos in God of War III , most likely for the Deimos costume which was intended to be released with Ghost of Sparta . He swears he'll be back. Kratos lunged at Ares to keep him from taking his brother, but Ares struck him down, which scarred him over his right eye. Together, the pair followed Thanatos along the cliffs and eventually caught up with him, where Thanatos stated that Ares had chosen poorly, where he should have opted for Kratos instead of Deimos, all those years ago. Deimos was born a few years after Kratos, and bore a remarkable birthmark across his body. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Despite that, he greatly respected and loved his sibling and would always train with him to learn how to fight. He and The Striker Force follow the Alpha Team under what Kid, Bender, Slade and Strange suggest. The Gauntlet which Deimos wielded bore a striking resemblance to the. Ares represented the more brutal and bloody side of war, which was in contrast to Athena who represented the strategic side of war. Daisy Johnson (Marvel Cinematic Universe), The Multi-Universal Heroes of the Rebellion (Crossover War Heroes), Crossover War Heroes: Iron-Blooded Kid Warriors Episode 14, Characters hailing from the God of War Universe, Main Characters of The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of the Sith Stalker, Main Heroes in The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of the Sith Stalker, Characters in The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of the Sith Stalker, Returning Characters in LOTM: Darkness Incarnate, Major Characters in The Wrath of God of War Rises, Returning Characters that appeared in The Wrath of God of War, Characters voiced and/or played by Elijah Wood, Returning Characters to appear in LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour, Enemies of The Children of BlackGarurumon, Returning Characters that appeared in Blackpool, Returning Heroes in LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour, Characters in LOTM Next Gen Island Tour 2nd half, Character in Legends of the Multi-Universe: Armageddon, Characters in LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour 1st half, Zeus (father) †Callisto (mother) †Kratos (brother)Lysandra (sister-in-Law) †Cronos (grandfather) †Rhea (grandmother)Gaia (great-grandmother)†Ouranos (great-grandfather)†Hades (uncle)†Poseidon (uncle)†Hera (stepmother/aunt)†Demeter (aunt)Hestia (aunt)Aegaeon (great-Uncle) †Gyges (great-Uncle)†Athena (half-sister)†Hercules (half-brother)†Hephaestus (Half-Brother) †Minos (Half-Brother) †Aphrodite (Sister-in-Law/great aunt)Artemis (Half-Sister)Apollo (Half-Brother)Hermes (Half-Brother) †Megaera (Grandaunt) †Alecto (Grandaunt) †Tisiphone (Grandaunt) †Peirithous (half-brother)†Persephone (half-sister)†Perseus (half-brother)†Ares (half-brother)†Pollux (half-brother)†Calliope (niece) †Faye (sister-in-Law) †Atreus (nephew)Jörmungandr (great-nephew)Fenrir (great-nephew)Hel (great-niece)Sköll and Hati (great-great nephews)Pandora (adoptive niece) † Damage given if wielding the Arms of Sparta increases, whereas damage given by the Blades of Athena decreases, along with reduced armor values, thus giving the player a more challenging experience. non-canon image showing Deimos' demon form in "Birth of the Beast". Deimos and The Striker Force/The Alpha Team return to help Black Star during Acts 3, 5 and 6 of LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour against The Templar Order, Friends: Kratos, The Striker Force, Knuckles, Maka Albarn, Soul Eater Evans, Black Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz and Patty, Crona, Ragnarok, Lord Death, The P Team, Samus Aran, Master Chief, The Arbiter, Scorpion, Sagat, Cassandra, Sophitia, RJ, Android 18, Crypto, Raz, Cruger, Starkiller, Juno, Proxy, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Caboose and his friends, V, Alucard, Lizbeth, Zero, Ciel, The V Crusaders, Riolu and The Speed Crusaders, Kamen Rider Nephilim, Enemies: Thanatos(God of War), Zeus and the Gods, The Robotic Empire,Phobos's League, The Sith Stalker, Blackgurumon, Minster Sinster, The Children of Blackgurumon, The Sinsters of Evil, Haytham Kenway. However, The Final Battle between Kratos and Thanatos was very similar to a boss fight in the game. His Roman equivalent was Formido or Metus. Koopa lets himself get chased by Myers who he calls a pencil neck and tells him surrender or every waking moment for him will become a swirling torment of pain and misery, Kratos and his teeam catch Myers with the help from Victor, Travis, Trunks and Aeon. Demigod He was abducted by Ares during his childhood to avert a prophecy about the destruction of Mount Olympus. The Physicality Of Ares As The Greek God Of War 775 Words | 4 Pages. Kratos also made a promise to Athena that the Gods would pay for what they did to his brother and mother. Deimos and his brother Phobos (God of Terror and Fear), are the half-brothers of Clarisse La Rue, a demigod child of Ares. Kratos' tattoo was an exact replica of Deimos' birthmark. Deimos heads to the volcanic base and meets up with Loomis who joins up due to Myers being involved.Deimos and his friends decide to work on trapping and deciding to make sure Myers is killable.Kratos and his Striker Force begin setting a trap for Micheal Myers so they could put their plan and King Koopa volunteers to use himself as bait as he does know how to provoke. Deimos and Kratos were very much alike in appearance, the only notable differences being that Deimos had a larger beard and was hairier. The Deimos costume in God of War: Ghost of Sparta. However, Phobos can only do this to one person at a time. Gender The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of The Sith Stalker. It was included with God of War III: Remastered. Kratos vs Deimons Subscribe for more! Sparta (birthplace)Temple of Thanatos (imprisoned) Thanatos is the Greek Primordial God of Death, and the main antagonist in God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Kratos' brother, cowering in fear behind Kratos, as he is about to be taken away. 1.1. Deimos leads the team up to a cavern which he has located the 3rd disco ball.He goes with The Striker Force to find the disco ball and They distract the goblins for Kratos fighting him. Kratos is a video game character and the protagonist of SIE Santa Monica Studio's God of War series, which was based on Greek mythology, before shifting to Norse mythology.Kratos, also known as the "Ghost of Sparta", first appeared in the 2005 video game God of War, which led to the development of seven additional games featuring the character as the protagonist. He was the son of Ares and Aphrodite. He aids his brother during their battle against Thanatos. God of War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Elijah Wood was the voice of Deimos that was heard in the pool of blood. In Ghost of Sparta, the Grave Digger (Zeus), referenced Deimos as "the other one", which indicated that it was Deimos that Gaia should have chosen. Current status Kratos carried Deimos' lifeless body to the top of Suicide Bluffs via the Path of Solitude, where the Grave Digger had prepared a grave for Deimos next to that of their mother's grave. Deimos gets involved in a fight with Loki and manages to do him in with the help of Asura and Yasha. Also, when in his Psyche, Kratos came across a pool of blood. Deimos final Concept Art was instead used for God of War: Ghost of Sparta instead of God of War III. Voiced by God of War: Ghost of SpartaGod of War III (voice) Kratos and his friends's way is bust a hole in the sky which King Koopa does. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Persona Worst Fear Generation: Phobos has the ability to make individuals see their worst fears through eye contact. Deimos' birthmark seemed to glow orange instead of red and looked more "corrupted", possibly due to his time spent in the Domain of Death. Deimos Kratos and the others go into  a cavern  where the instructions are all in braille, a hard to read language and they have to use translation to find what they are told to do and after some thinking they do sort it out. One fateful day, Ares and Athena descended onto Sparta to take Deimos and unleashed an army of Centaurs to decimate the populace while they searched for him. Deimos is also Second in Command to Mechuckles,like 17. In-Game Information Species/Race After he came of age in the Domain of Death, Deimos was fueled by hatred for the brother who had failed to save him from his torment. Legends of the Multi Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Deimos was also the name of one of Ares' sons, the God of Terror. A Deimos Bonus Costume could be unlocked after the game was completed; however, it could only be obtained by inputting a special code that was included in a limited number of God of War: Ghost of Sparta games or by buying it online within the first week of release. He then lain Deimos' body into the grave and stated that Deimos was free. Location The God of War III Deimos costume is much more detailed than the Ghost of Sparta costume, and on the PS3 edition, it originally became accessible by redeeming a code which was provided in a limited number of copies of Ghost of Sparta for PSP, or through online purchase within the first week of its release, and again for a limited time in November 2010. The Deimos costume features increased damage and increases the drop rate of Health, Magic and Gold Orbs by 400%, while decreasing Red Orbs by 100%. Ares then disappeared in a cloud of fire. The note claimed that all who got close to her son died, which included his own brother. Kratos and Deimos trained with the traditional spear and shield throughout their childhood, with Kratos teaching the young Deimos to remember that: "a Spartan never lets his back hit the ground.". They quickly found the young Deimos amidst the chaos and took him while he trained with Kratos, though his brother attempted to stop Ares. Deimos appears to be Mind Controlled by The Robotic Empire Team and he's one of the Main Members of that team, Deimos is also one of the Main Characters and Main heroes of this Adventure. Sparta Birthplace God of War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Behind the Scenes Misc. Odikinesis: As the god of personal fear, panic and rout, Deimos can control the feelings and emotions of war, such as fear, hate and rage. The Deimos costume in Ghost of Sparta is obtained by beating the game on any difficulty level. Deimos and crew end up in the Friendship Kingdom where they head to rescue Roll and Bloom with the help of  everyone, when Everyone joins up and destroys the Internment camp, burning it to the ground with "Another Brick in the Wall" while killing any army remaining. The Spartan Brothers charged at Thanatos, and fought the God of Death together, until Thanatos transformed into a gigantic winged monster, grabbed Deimos, and crushed him against the cliff side, which effectively killed him. Kratos, fueled by extreme rage, unleashed Thera's Bane at an unhuman level and defeated Thanatos, avenging his brother's death. Due to his unusual birthmark, the Gods feared that Deimos would be the prophesied warrior, so, they devised a plan to abduct him from his family so that the Oracle's prophecy couldn't come to pass. Deimos was more of a personification and an abstraction of the sheer terror that was brought by war and he never appeared as an actual character in any story in Greek Mythology. Zeus claimed that since Kratos had failed her, she: "should have chosen the other one". Deimos has the standard powers of a god. Deimos is one of the characters that Kratos cares about. In The Demigod Files, Clarisse saw her father in a fury and Percy saw all his friends from Camp Half-Blood in flames. For several years, Deimos believed that Kratos would come to his rescue. God of War Ghost of Sparta Kratos reunites with his brother. Deimos appeared as an alternate costume for Kratos in, Deimos, like Kratos, had chains on his forearms; it was possible that they were remains of the shackles that held him, even though they were inside his gauntlets. 1.1.1. The two brothers grew up together under the watchful eye of their mother, Callisto, in Sparta, with dreams of joining the Spartan Army when they were older. Deimos travels around the Multiuniverse to look for his older brother,however he was injured and captured by Android 17, 17 tortures him alive and mind controlled him to Mechuckles side, Mechuckles tells him that Kratos hates Spartans and Loves Gods,Deimos will kill Kratos for that also his team and his other allies teams. Terror Generatio… Deimos returns and helps his older brother Kratos against his father, Zeus and the other villains. Deimos (Greek: Δείμος) was the younger brother of Kratos. In Greek Mythology, Deimos (Ancient Greek: Δεῖμος, pronounced [dêːmos], meaning "dread") was the personification of terror. Elijah Wood was the voice of Deimos that was heard in the pool of blood. He was the twin brother of Phobos and the Goddess, Enyo, who accompanied Ares into battle, as well as his father's attendants: Trembling, Fear, Dread and Panic. Deimos appears in The Demigod Files by Rick Riordan. Deimos heads to the volcanic base and meets up with Loomis who joins up due to Myers being involved.Deimos and his friends decide to work on trapping and deciding to make sure Myers is killable. Deimos also had a much less gravelly voice. Ares then attempted to kill Kratos, but Athena quickly told him not to, as they already had who they were looking for. Locked in combat, Deimos and Thanatos never saw Kratos arrive, Thanatos managed to nearly throw Deimos off the cliff until Kratos raced to his aid. Freed from his chains, save for a single massive Gauntlet that was locked around his right arm, Deimos wanted revenge against Kratos for not protecting him and quickly assaulted his brother. Unlike his brother Kratos, Deimos was far more softhearted and kind. All the codes are now expired, but the costume can still be obtained by purchasing a digital copy of Ghost of Sparta from the PlayStation Store in all European regions. After he undertook a perilous journey that took him across Greece, Kratos finally found Deimos deep in the Temple of Thanatos, suspended from a tree. Deimos es mencionado por primera vez en uno de los vídeos de bonificación de God of War, El Nacimiento de la Bestia. Even though Deimos was younger than Kratos, he looked older than his brother because Kratos hadn't visibly aged since he became a God, and Deimos had a beard compared with Kratos' smaller goatee. Ares was usually accompanied by his children with Aphrodite, Phobos, and Deimos. His death was the final straw which lead to Kratos snapping at the gods and vowing to kill them. Ares brought Deimos to Thanatos in the Domain of Death to remain there in torment, to ensure that the prophecy of "The Marked One" would never occur. The Marked One (False) The Other One Alias/es Deimos was Kratos' only deceased relative that he did not kill. He and the Striker Force join forces with The heroes against Blackgaramon and MInster Sinster. He is the ruler of the Domain of Death and the father of Erinys. Deimos proved to be an incredibly powerful individual, as he was able to overpower his brother. Male The Deimos costume was featured as a bonus costume in both Ghost of Sparta and God of War III, each with their own special abilities and setbacks. He goes with The Striker Force to find the disco ball and They distract the goblins for Kratos fighting him.

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