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He stopped Clay from attacking Bryce, telling him that he's going to get crushed and helped Zach off the field after Bryce attacked him. Alex got annoyed because he felt like everything was always about Justin, so they changed the subject. ", and walked away. My name is Justin Foley, and I'm a survivor. At the wake, Justin and Jessica didn’t greet each other but exchanged looks. She started pushing him, calling him an asshole and believed he told Mr. Porter something about her. Ani wanted to talk to Clay; Clay told her that he should probably stay with Justin, but Justin assured that it’s fine. After getting the gun from Clay, Justin loaded it and told Bryce to forget what just happened. When Justin still lived with his mom, they would often get into fights and at one point Seth strangled Justin. Based on previous criteria, decide whether the source is credible overall. Clay stated that he can’t count on anyone and has to do it himself, but Justin said that he doesn’t and they’ll get Bryce together. Here Jessica confronted him for skipping the assembly and for hiding something from her. Clay and Justin hearing a knock on the door in "The World Closing In". Kat then told the guys that they should leave because they were all wet. They became much closer and Clay's parents decided to adopt Justin, making them brothers. He also paid additional money for Seth to leave Justin alone. What happened at the ending of season 4? He also has been seen wearing some simple white t-shirts and blue flannel shirts. Kat introduced Hannah to the guys when they were play-fighting together. Justin spoke up and told her that football had made him feel like himself again in a really long time. Bryce told him that he’s there for him for anything and that he’s his brother forever, no matter what. When finding Justin in the poolhouse, Zach asked if he was okay. Brandon Flynn Hank Greenspan (child version) When Jessica started sitting on Bryce’s lap and threw cards at Justin, Justin got mad and dragged Jessica outside while telling her that he doesn't ever want her to be at Bryce's house again. They won the contest and received $200. (Bryce and Jessica). [39], Jessica watching Justin from her car in "The Third Polaroid". When he needed money, he'd prostitute himself to guys. He had started nagging Justin about it; Justin showed the picture to make him stop. Jessica and Justin kissing at school in a flashback in "The Good Person is Indistinguishable from the Bad". Clay landed on him and an old man came out yelling at them to leave, they heard a police siren and Tony arrived around the opposite side, telling them that if they don't get in, he would leave them behind. This is perfect. Hannah was Justin's former love interest. Has the author written several articles on the topic, and do they have the credentials to be an expert in their field? [13], At home, Justin tried to convince him Mom to leave Seth. Sometimes I feel like that's all life is. Ani narrated that Justin was the only one who didn’t make Clay a person of interest or made him feel isolated and alone. Automatic works cited and bibliography formatting for MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian citation styles. Justin was awake next to him, telling him that he was screaming and he thought the nightmares went away. Justin worked on covering up the murder and framing Monty to prevent Alex and Jessica from getting arrested. Justin comforts Clay when he finds him curled up on the bed and when Clay almost shoots himself. Jessica defended Chlöe, saying that she wasn’t ready because her whole world could come crashing down. This angered Alex, as “how can the guy who let you get raped make you feel safe”. The dream sequence ended with Monty attacking Clay, and him waking up in a sweaty body. A flashback showed Justin calling Jessica the morning after the party. We cite according to the 8th edition of MLA, 6th edition of APA, and 16th edition of Chicago (8th edition Turabian). Matt and Lainie were angry, Lainie for having a someone who's in contempt in the house of a lawyer and Matt for lying and hiding someone. Clay went to wash his clothes and found heroin. Is the content relevant to your thesis statement? Jessica ran after him, but Justin told her it’s okay. Having never been tested or diagnosed before, Justin's illness had progressed quite far before it was caught and he developed AIDS-related pneumonia and a fungal meningitis brain infection. Clay revealed to Justin that his parents wanted to adopt him and they had Clay’s permission besides being hesitant at first. Clay and Ani informed Justin and Zach about Bryce’s death at school; Justin ran out of the gym and was followed by Clay. If they reached the end, that means they adhered to her demands in cassette 1 and did not take her for granted again. It's just all the mistakes you make and all the shit you gotta do to set it right. It is revealed that Justin had been at rehab getting help for his drug addiction. Hannah left the bus and yelled at Justin that she doesn’t take the bus and to call her. Justin and Jessica getting back together in "The World Closing In", While Justin is working at Monet’s, Jessica came to see him. This caused Clay's Dad to find Justin, and after telling about his home situation they let him stay. Bryce then stole twinkies from another kid and gave them to Justin so he could trade them. Bryce bailing Justin out in "Always Waiting for the Next Bad News". When was the source published or updated? Clay managed to convince Justin that she doesn’t hate him and wants him back, and took Justin back to Evergreen. Jessica responded by saying they’re all troubled kids. This led to an argument as Alex didn’t think they should do anything to Clay while Justin thought Alex should help them. Justin showed up at school during lunch break; Clay quickly stood up from his seat as soon as he saw Justin. Lainie came back as soon as she heard Justin was going to testify, and wanted to prepare him. Is there a date shown? [20], At the Homecoming game, Justin led a fight with the Hillcrest football players after one of them grabbed Jessica's breasts. My mother was a drug addict. Justin and Clay driving back to Evergreen after Clay found him on the streets in "The Drunk Slut". After Bryce’s body was found, Seth sent Justin a text saying “I’m coming for you next”. Is the tone (academic, casual, etc.) [20], Justin and Jessica talking in a flashback in "There Are a Few Things I Haven't Told You". An upset Justin asked for his mom, but she left the room instead. At first Justin lied and claimed it was a one time thing. Zach got annoyed by the guys’ reactions and left. Hannah was forced to hide in the closet when there was no way for her to leave the bedroom. Justin said to not talk to him again and threatened to kill him if he ever came close to Jessica again, and left. He also said that he’s done with doing fucked up things, but Clay told him that he needs him to do some more fucked up things. Lainie stated that it’s very important to show that they’re providing Justin with a happy and healthy home environment. Tony told Clay that he doesn’t want to help anymore, which frustrated Clay. Clay drove to the bus station. Ani told her that it’s just a fantasy and maybe it’s a way to get them out of her system. During an assembly at school, Clay showed up and Justin asked him where he had been and that he can’t run. This caused rumors to go around about Hannah. — Clay Jensen, 13 Reasons Why, 13 Reasons Why Season 1: Tape 6, Side A Tagged: Tardy to the Party , Punctuality , CP Time “ Skye Miller [to Tony]: He's got … Clay apologized but told them that it’s going to get worse and he needs them. Alex stopped when the police drove behind them, and the boys found out that Alex’s Dad his a cop. Now, because of the tapes, he knows that she was deeply hurting and needed a friend. He regrets lying to Jessica about Bryce raping her but genuinely felt as though he was doing the best thing to protect her. They were often seen hanging out and helping each other throughout the seasons. Student (Liberty High School, formerly) Basketball player, Football player (Liberty High School, formerly) Bartender/Waiter (Monet's, formerly) Justin explained that he hadn’t left yet because of Seth, but Bryce asked if that was the only reason as Jessica had started texting him. Justin called Clay, who picked him up. He used this argument to convince Jessica and others that Bryce didn’t rape her. Justin asked if he’s really the one to tell him to grow up since he’s a “mama’s boy”, to which Zach replied “Yeah, I am.”. Zach was having dinner with his family when his Mom said that she didn’t understand why Justin is the basketball captain when Zach’s the best player. A few weeks after Bryce transferred to Hillcrest High School, he texted Justin to meet up to talk about Jessica. Jessica asked how he could love her; Justin replied that it’s the only way he knows. During the bus ride, the football coaches announced that everyone would get drug tested, which worried Justin as he had been using. During Justin’s testimony, he shed more light on his relationship with Bryce. [48], Justin crying over Amber's death in "College Interview". At first, he would just put his hands on me. Zach then received several messages from Justin if Zach could please text him back as he needed a place to sleep. When Justin’s social worker came to visit, Clay told her that he loved having a brother-roommate. Zach ignored the messages. He introduced Zach and Justin as “star basketball players of Liberty High” and said that Justin stole his bike. Lainie however stated that she had to report him to the authorities, which Justin said he understood and thanked them. Zach excitedly ran towards Justin and hugged him. Justin told him that he doesn’t need to stand up for him. Zach and Justin were first seen in a flashback at Hannah’s party. He also didn’t want to know why Clay’s fingerprints are on it. Jessica went to Monet’s while Justin was working. Justin got taken care of by Sheri, Justin, and Tony. At his house, he got into a fight with Jessica because he was annoyed by her being worried for Alex and he pushed her off him when he didn't want to have sex with her. He showed Clay and Ani a text that insinuated Seth had killed Bryce and went to his place to find proof, where he was exposed by Seth for trading the watch for drugs. His relationship with Jessica was rocky from time to time. Clay and Justin showed Jessica the Polaroids of Chlöe and wanted her to convince Chlöe to testify against Bryce. Monty raged at the fact that they set him up for murder. He brought two drinks from Monet’s with him. Clay told Justin that he knows it was Bryce and that Justin wanted to protect his friend. Clay asked his mom about the legal possibilities when it comes to Jessica’s rape. Jessica had a hallucination of Bryce while Justin was dying in the hospital. They kissed and cuddled on his bed. Season 2 Zach trying to convince Justin to play football in "Always Waiting for the Next Bad News". Gender 13 Reasons Why Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. When he was eight years old, Bryce stood up for him and became his best friend. Justin mentioned feeling like he messed up the family apart, which everyone immediately denied. Jessica told Ani that it was hard not talking about it with her. Jessica and Justin smiled at each other. In what context? Romances Justin appeared in Clay's dream. Justin and Clay interacting for the first time in "Tape 1, Side A". [35], Jessica breaking up with Justin in "Tape 7, Side A", Clay holding Justin's postcard to Jessica in "The Drunk Slut". Justin commented on Skye, saying that she had run. As Clay tells him that Jessica wants him back, he doesn't believe him. After Zach explained that football is a lifeline for some people, Jessica questioned for who. After Kat moves away, Hannah and Justin spark an interest with each other. Justin and Zach as Clay introduces them to the exchange students in "Tape 4, Side A". Justin and Hannah in Hannah's bedroom in "The Box of Polaroids". Justin took Clay’s bike with him. Clay and Justin at Monet’s in "Let the Dead Bury the Dead". Justin then revealed Hannah made tapes about what everyone did to her before she died, that included the things Bryce did. Appears in Jessica wanted to know what he meant as he tried to walk away from her. Jessica watching Justin getting arrested in "The Box of Polaroids", When everyone was standing outside the Courthouse after the jury decided that the school won the case against the Baker’s, Justin got arrested for being an accessory to sexual assault. They went to a back room of Monet’s and had sex. She told him to get his alibi straight as it could be bad for him when they would ask her questions. When I was on the streets and I needed money I would do stuff to guys. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. She apologized for making an argument have such an impact on the family and Justin. Out of anger and because Hannah’s hallucination was talking to him in his head, Clay wanted to shoot Bryce and went to his house. "[3], Bryce asked Justin about when he's going back home and Justin explained that it's because his mom's boyfriend Seth is back. She declared hating that she still worries about him even though he’s the reason she’s going through all of this. Justin had told Amber that either Seth goes or he does, but Amber let Seth stay, thus Justin left.Cite error: Invalid tag; Hannah saw Justin play fighting with Zach, getting wet and taking off his shirt. Justin was now able to calmly convince Clay to not do anything. [1], Hannah talked about the party where she and Clay shared their kiss. Although the reveal was unexpected to many, it might've been lightly referred to in earlier episodes, such as when. He told her that he had missed her and wanted to go somewhere else to talk, but Jessica refused. They stopped him while he’s riding his bike; Zach took the bike and Justin forced Clay to get in the car. Sheri looked after Justin while Clay went to school. They spend some time at the poolhouse playing games, while Justin was smoking and drinking. As they were driving back home, they noticed that they’re being followed by a car. Justin detoxing in Clay's room in "The Second Polaroid". They believed that Justin had killed Bryce after Clay found drugs that were prescribed to Bryce. She started calling and texting Justin, wanting money from him. Clay watched them talk about their costumes; when Justin noticed, he asked Clay what he was looking at. Jessica and Justin at the Sheriff's Department in "And Then the Hurricane Hit", The two of them went to the Sheriff’s Department to wait for Clay, who was getting interrogated by the cops. The hallucination said that Justin is his friend, but Clay denied this. Justin claimed that he wasn't protecting Bryce, but protecting Jessica. Justin has several tattoos on his arms and one on his chest. They pressured Clay and Alex into have a drinking contest. The Jensens allowed Justin to stay. Everyone involved in the fight got detention. After Bryce bought a beer for Clay at Blue Spot Liquor, Monty, Bryce, Zach, Justin and Alex were waiting for him outside the store. These are Hannah’s final words on her tapes. And before letting him in the guards the door to protect Jessica. After the date ends, Justin shows the photograph to Bryce and other friends, Bryce takes the phone from Justin and sends it to the school; causing rumors of Hannah being a 'slut'. Clay asked if that meant Justin had gone home, but Justin denied this and implied that he didn’t see him mom’s place as home anymore. Clay asked Justin about his bike; Justin told him that he’s going to hold onto it and Clay’s gonna keep quiet. According to Hannah, all she wanted was for her classmates to know the “real” Hannah, and for them to understand her (212). Unfortunately, you can’t be that precise and selective. In Season 3, Justin revealed that he's a victim of child sexual abuse, which started at the age of 5 by a boyfriend of his Mom. When she left, Jessica told Mr. Porter that Justin never met his Dad and lives with his Mom and a drug dealer. Bryce managed to enter the room and began raping a sleepy and drunk Jessica. Clay tried to help Justin and pull Bryce off of him. Justin responded that they would until Tyler gets better, but Jessica pointed out that he would never get better. Alex told him that he thinks Justin’s worthless and doesn’t deserve Jessica, but for some reason Jessica loved him. Justin mentioned it being a serious question and that he’d really appreciate it if she came. [31], Justin and Jessica had sex on the couch, but Justin stopped because he didn’t want to. She told him that she needed to talk to him, and Justin answered that he would have a break soon. Nevertheless, the people in these stories never knew how much they were connected until they listened to the tapes. Justin then lied for Clay, saying Clay got his bruises from sports whilst he got them from a fight. Justin denied being the best boyfriend ever, but Jessica told him that he is because he takes care of her. Enemies So Clay enlisted Tony's help to find him. This angered Jessica and she left, taking a bottle of vodka with her. During lunch time, Justin sat alone at the table without food. And I ended up by the water, by the docks. Justin breaking up with Jessica in "Always Waiting for the Next Bad News", When seeing Justin, Jessica started hugging him from behind. At home, she read a blog about the trial and took offense when they called Justin a drug addict and went on about things that weren’t the point. [17], In the fourth season, Amber returned to Evergreen and stayed at her old neighborhood. Bryce later told Jessica about this when attempting to apologize to her. However, in the first season, he seemed to easily get mad at his friends, but in the second season, he stays calm even when people are rude to him. Because he’s my brother, he’s my positive influence, he’s the reason I am alive and able to write this college essay in the first place‬. Jessica had left the game early with Bryce and Justin confronted her about it while they were driving. He cries or seems emotional during his detoxing, when talking to or about Jessica, after passing out at school, during his testimony, when Clay asks him if he wants him to be adopted and various other scenes. Deceased If online, are any of the links dead? Justin eventually told Clay to get out and Clay demanded his bike back. [44], As the suspicion of Clay’s involvement in Bryce’s murder, Lainie told Clay and Justin that if Clay gets convicted of a felony, the adoption will be denied. After having a conversation about Mrs. Baker, Clay asked Jessica if she could tell Justin he’ll be home late. “Yesterday,” “Cassette 1: Side A,” and “Cassette 1: Side B”, “Cassette 2: Side A,” “Cassette 2: Side B,” “Cassette 3: Side A,” and “Cassette 3: Side B”, “Cassette 4: Side A,” “Cassette 4: Side B,” “Cassette 5: Side A,” and “Cassette 5: Side B”, “Cassette 6: Side A,” “Cassette 6: Side B,” “Cassette 7: Side A,” and “Cassette 7: Side B”, Read the Study Guide for Thirteen Reasons Why…, Causes and Effects of Adolescent Suicide: Thirteen Reasons Why, Messages of Hope from Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why, View the lesson plan for Thirteen Reasons Why…, View Wikipedia Entries for Thirteen Reasons Why…. In the first season and the beginning of the second season, Justin hates Clay. In the second season, Clay got Justin from the streets and let him stay in his room. They took a look at Seth’s lair to see if they could find anything. Before his passing, he got accepted into Occidental College. Ani mentioned in her narration that Clay wasn't sure he knew who Justin was anymore and that without Justin, it felt to him like Clay Jensen versus the world. But still, I’m too late. [5], Justin and Jessica discussed what Clay was doing and going to do while listening to the tapes. It sparks urgency in the reader to identify the last person on the tapes and figure out what they did. Hang tight! Suddenly, police was standing at their door to do a house search. Justin and Alex arrived to get Jessica from there. They came to a pit stop, Tony went to get something, leaving Justin and Clay talking. Zach defended Justin by saying that captains aren’t chosen based on who plays better and that Justin is going through some stuff. When Jessica got raped by Bryce and Justin didn’t stop it, Hannah blames both Justin and herself for what happened, not understanding how Justin could live with this. Justin offered Hannah a ride home, which she rejected and entered the bus instead. Justin and Clay arriving at school in "There Are a Number of Problems with Clay Jensen". She asked if sleeping with Justin wasn’t bad enough already, but Ani told her that she could do what she wants with her body. At the wake, Justin stole Bryce's watch and traded it for drugs. After Hannah’s suicide, Justin would describe Hannah as a “crazy drama queen” who lied on the tapes. Jessica said that she’s the one being a hypocrite. Justin immediately ran away when he saw Clay, Clay ran after and tackled him. Tony came back out, threw Justin a drink and asked if his mom still lived in the same place. Clay asked Justin what had happened to him and if Jessica would want to see him like this, to which Justin replied “no” and didn’t leave. I'm sorry, this is a short-answer literature forum designed for text specific questions. As they were driving, Clay asked Justin if he’s high which Justin took offense to as he wasn’t. If it was reproduced, was it done so with permission? My mom is a junkie and her boyfriend a dealer, and not a very nice guy. Justin confirmed to the social worker that they get along and said that all three the Jensens saved his life. However, Justin re-entered the room and tried to pull Bryce off of Jessica. During the time Justin and Jessica are gone from school, Bryce told everyone that the reason Justin called him a rapist is because Jessica had cheated with him but told Justin he had raped her. [38], Justin and Jessica talking in "The Smile at the End of the Dock". Meanwhile Justin and Jessica's relationship was exposed by Alex, and they decided to not care anymore and make their relationship public. AIDS-related pneumonia and fungal meningitis Justin refused for the reason that he felt like he wasn’t that kind of person anymore. Alex walked by and warned them about the locker search. After exposing the lies and crimes of her classmates and accusing them of sharing the responsibility for her death, she thanks them for listening to the entirety of the tapes. He claimed that he was trying to protect her, and he thought that it was better if she didn’t know and they’d be together forever. The problem is that people do not notice that before it's too late. Jessica cuddled up against him and Justin gave her a kiss on the head.[23]. Justin called Tony a “dick, prick and a cock”, Zach pointed out that they’re the same thing and denied Tony was any of those. Justin occasionally ran away from home. The next day, Clay found Justin having breakfast with his parents, which he thought was weird. At the Spring Fling dance, Justin told Zach that he would’ve been good for Hannah. Clay convinced Justin to return to Evergreen; Justin agreed to stay because he wanted to take down Bryce for Jessica. He served as the secondary antagonist of the first season and one of the main protagonists of the second, third and fourth season. Clay and Justin started to form a brotherly relationship. Clay was confused asking “What?”. After the funeral, Justin told Jessica that when the protest took place during the service, he felt himself wanting to stand up for Bryce and hates that he feels this way. This led Jessica to believe that he isn’t attracted to her anymore, but Justin told her that this isn’t true and she’s beautiful. Bryce told Justin to calm down, Justin told him to stay away from Jessica. Empty. They busted out laughing when Jessica remarked that the conversation was getting weird. Justin responded by saying that he’s the dangerous one as he got nothing to lose. He defends and lies for Clay to Matt and Lainie. As they were arguing, Zach told them that this did not need to happen. Justin ran away from her, but still showed to care about her and was devastated by her death. When Sheri found out how to get in the Clubhouse, Justin and Clay broke in and got a box of Polaroids from Zach. Justin eventually managed to tie his tie and they attended the dance with Tony. In flashbacks, Clay and Justin met up with the group to discuss what had happened at the dance and how they’re going to help Tyler. Justin was angry at Clay after he took a picture of a naked Tyler and sent it around, which led Justin to confront him in the school’s stairways. and then said Skye is also "a piece of work" and "fucked up". [13], Justin looking at Jessica after her Dad confronted him in "Smile, Bitches", Jessica asked Nina about her boyfriend and criticized her for starting out with another guy because she assumed her boyfriend wouldn’t understand her. Education Bryce said that if Seth doesn’t leave him alone, he’ll find out what good of a friend he is. It’s revealed that the day Justin showed Bryce Hannah’s picture, Bryce had seen him walking to school from the wrong direction and assumed he had slept with someone. Metal detectors had been placed at the entrance of the school building accompanied by school resource officers (SROs). Justin denied this, but stayed silent after Jessica asked "If Hannah was lying, why are you here? A flashback showed an eight-year-old Justin getting bullied by another kid at the schoolyard. Justin pulled him off of Bryce, telling him that he’s going to get crushed while Clay screamed to let him go. Justin then told Zach that they would shut him down. Justin was clearly bothered by this, so Lainie told him "You’ll always have a home here, no matter what.". Bryce took Justin’s phone and sent the picture around, which started rumors that Hannah is a slut. When Justin came up with the idea to kill Clay, Zach told him to grow up. Clay thought that he had said he didn’t know where she lived, but Justin revealed that he lies sometimes. Due to his poor financial status, Bryce often helped him afford necessities for school and sportswear, such as when he bought him a pair of new trainers. !” and started running onto the field, starting a huge fight. Clay, Tony, and Sheri helped detox Justin. Do they take responsibility for the content? After Jessica left, Bryce calmly asked Justin what he just did and left too. In the boys’ restroom, Alex told Justin that he needs to tell Jessica about his drug use. Amber is Justin's drug-addicted mother. Ani told her that’s her business and no one has to know. Like no one trusts me. Are they well-respected? Justin and Jessica dressed up as Sid and Nancy for a Halloween contest and Justin sent Jessica a postcard that referred to the two of them as Sid and Nancy. Justin revealed that Jessica allowed him to testify about her rape, but Clay didn’t believe him. If nothing is happening, please search again. Age Clay told Justin that he should stop talking for the foreseeable future. New game”. Seth Massey Montgomery de la Cruz Diego Torres (formerly) Are there spelling or grammatical errors?

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